Wii and Fitness

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Jan 282009

With the success of Wii Fit, Nintendo really seems to be focused on fitness and health oriented products (referred to as lifestyle games by the company).  Take for example Walk with me! a new release coming out on the …

Nov 182008

Inspired by service dogs, inventors at Laboratory for Perpetual Robotics at the

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, have created the uBOT-5, a helpful, uncomplaining, no-shed robot to help aging adults remain independent. The uBOT-5 can carry out simple tasks, monitor

Nov 082008

Here’s a nifty little idea: http://www.susannahertrich.com/html/realitychecking.html.

It’s a display which contrasts perceived v.s. actual risk. I think the visualization is quite nice, showing how much we, as a society, fear things that are highly unlikely. I really like their proposal …

Oct 142008

Here’s a new product to help measure physical activity… and even sleep cycles: http://www.fitbit.com. The FAQ claims that you can wear this thing anywhere and get over 95% accuracy for step counts. I don’t think any pedometer on the market …